Every Enterprise need their unique services to be promoted and reach the right audience or customer for the smooth flow of work while saving the cost & time for both partners.We ITIz aims to deliver you the best digital marketing strategies, creative online marketing solutions to reach the people through various channels.

What we can help you achieve

Search Engine Optimization | Social Media Marketing| Search Engine Marketing | Email Marketing | Virtual Web

Search Engine Optimization
  • Develop Secure App
  • Ensure Quality & Speed
  • Focussed & Scalable
  • Latest Tech Integration
  • We Manage the Complexity
Search Engine Marketing
  • Save upto 50 % on operations
  • Advisory & Assesment
  • Latest tools & execution
  • Platforms App Integration
  • Mainframe & Legacy Modernization
Social Media Marketing
  • AI Automation
  • Security & Speed Focussed
  • Latest tools Integration
  • Learn Customer outcomes
Virtual Web Services
  • AI & Cloud for Automation
  • Assesment Testing
  • Lifescycle & Security Testing
  • Application Management Services
  • Simplifying Core Business Process


Every Enterprise need that unique speed , security , automation , integration while saving the cost.We ITIz aims to deliver you the best quality software applications, from the experts to the experts

What we can help you achieve

Custom Application Development & Management | Web Design & Development | Web Application Development| Software Development &  Modernization | Quality Testing Services | Customised Services | Automation

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Custom application Development

  • Develop Secure App
  • Ensure Quality & Speed
  • iOS Android & other OS
  • Latest Tech Integration
  • We Manage the Complexity

Website Development

  • Corporate Web Design
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • CMS
  • Web Portal
  • Security & Speed Focus
  • Maintenance & Support

Software Development

  • SaaS CMS Development
  • SaaS CRM & CHM Development
  • SaaS MIS & HRM Development
  • Custom Accounting Software
  • ERP

Custom Apps

  • Custom Apps
  • Custom Softwares
  • Custom Web Solutions
  • Maintanence & Support 
  • Simplifying Core Business Process


Striving to make the web a more beautiful place every single day

Creativity is the key when it comes to design. Beauty that catches eyes as well as soul , our professional intuitive designers guarantee you the mindblowing prototypes , whether its web design , product design  , graphics or architectural design plans.

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Web Design

Creativity at its best
Web strategy & planning
User Interface Design
Intuitive user experience
Updation & Support

Branding & Design

Creative branding
Research & Insights
Corporate Identity
Communication Design
Advertising Media Execution
Animation & Infographics

UX/UI Design

UX behaviour audits
Design Sprints
Interface & Visual Design
UI of keys
UX UI of Apps

Graphic Design

Creative Design Branding
Corporate Brochures
Print Ads
Event & exhibitions
Banners & Billboards

Product Designing

Innovative & Relevant product solutions
product design, fabrication.
R&D consultancy.
Strategic Innovative ideas into reality.

3d Print Designs

3d Printing Models Designs
Strategic Planning
Prototyping & Development
3d Printing Services


Web Analytics
Data Analysis
Business Intelligence
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IT Support

Hardware & Networking plays an important role in a companies performance & agility .Our IT support package is vast & we consider security as our first goal in network.

Networking through hardware is a process of supplying data and information by linking the group of networks using  switches, hubs, gateways, access points, network interface cards, networking cables.Our professional engineers take care of your hardware systems & networking installations maintenance. Our system services include

  • Network design and configuration;
  • Network installation, maintenance and troubleshooting;
  • Network security services;
  • Network modernization and improvement;
  • Hardware consultation and sales.

IT Networking Solutions

Structured Cabling

IT Infrastructure Setup

Communication Solutions

Wireless Solutions


Server Solutions

File Server Solutions

Print Server Solutions

Application Server Solutions

Email & Virtual Servers

Security Solutions

Surveillance System

Security Cameras

IT Auditing Solutions

Network Security Solutions

Firewall Systems

Antivirus Solutions

Storage Solutions

Cloud Storage

Network Storage Solutions

SAN Storage

Point of Sale Systems (POS)

For Retail Stores ,Hypermarkets ,Restaurants or any other businesses ,POS systems helps keeping track of customers, inventory, suppliers and barcodes.

We have market tested all in one  POS brands which can review cash management, inventory & store business reporting helps to determine profitability.

CCTV & Biometric Systems

Biometric technology is able to recognize a person on the basis of the unique features of their face, fingerprint, signature, DNA or iris pattern and then impart a secure and convenient method for authentication purposes. Our time attendance & automated  security systems helps to identify security challenges and provide customized solutions for access control systems

Save Yourself from Threats

Security Systems & solutions that continously monitor your assets & informations from being stolen.Digital tools that predicts attacks , respond to threats, protecs data infrastructure proactively

  • Security Assesment
  • Cloud Security Services
  • Network Protection
  • Firewall Service
  • Antivirus Systems
  • Data & Application Security

Business Services

Business Process Services helps business performance & operations , delivers significant business outcomes through enhanced digital technology innovations

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Business Applications

Inbuilt & custom Business Applications that are intended to scale your business,  to improve efficiency and to create effective gain.Applications that solve complex business challenges which helps your business more flexible

Customer Services

Giving together innovative advisory & technology ,through training quality and workforce management  & to enhance customer experiences as well as cost savings

Finance HR & Payroll

World class services to that serve the backbone of an organisation, we provide improved ethics, innovations , intelligent working plans that control control costs, secure your workforce , and smooth transaction of employees payments

Other Services

Other Business Services includes .

  1. Blockchain
  2. Process Automation
  3. Process Consulting
  4. Cards & Payments

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